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This is excellent!


Hopefully you have fun with it! It's taken a backseat for the moment because I'm working on my other project, The Red Prison but there will probably be further development in the future!

Might you make it installable in the desktop client for now?

Wow. Looks great. How can I play it on my linux? 


Really interesting. I was trying to do something similar in python with no success. Got me inspired.

Me too, just javascript.


So, like ASCII rim world?

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that’s pretty much it!

Ascii rim world is basically rim world's predecessor, Dwarf Fortress.


looks like dwarf fortress witch sucks cause i hate dwarf fortress and refuse to play

What? I know it's confusing, but it's free, so why not try it?

(Plus it's depth will become much more of a bonus the more you play.)