Warlocks and other spell casters become more powerful!

New version released: warlocks and other spell casters can now use higher level spell slots for extra spell power!

Here's a gif of warlock gameplay, linked only because it's fairly large: https://i.imgur.com/tYgMONY.gif

The user interface is still up for discussion but the way it works currently is that for non-warlock spellcasters when selecting a spell, you can also press a number between 0 and 9 as an override for the default spell slot level. If you have the corresponding spell slot available and it's higher than the default spell slot level, then you'll cast that spell at the higher level and potentially have it cause considerable more impact. Warlocks use the higher level spell slot by default so they don't have the same option in the menu.

Overall, it's a buff for spellcasters and allows for a fair bit more flexibility as well as letting spellcasters make full use of all of their spellslots rather than being stuck with unused higher level slots but needing to cast a low level spell like in previous versions.

Next step from here is to rewrite the speed system so that different races and monsters can have different move speeds along with allowing for different time for different actions to be performed. The idea will be that movement will become cheaper and attacking and casting, along with moving steathily, will become more expensive timewise and this will shift the game balance away from archers and spellcasters spamming cantrips at range and put melee fighters onto a level playing field.


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Oct 30, 2019

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