Warlocks and a proper endgame

I've just released a new version and there's some really quite significant changes:

* Warlocks - a fair few players have requested this class be added to the game and the current build has them in there as an experimental option. You can quick-start as an aasimar warlock to try it out quickly. It required quite a bit of work behind the scenes to deal with the different way that warlock's spell slots worked - rather than having spell slots per level like wizards and clerics, they only have a single pool of spell slots to cast all spells from. 

There's still quite a bit of work to do - there aren't any eldritch invocations in the game yet but there'll be a few options being implemented very shortly and there's plenty of room for more spells. I also need to properly implement low level spells being used with higher spell slots. It wasn't a big priority previously but it's an important aspect of the way which warlocks use magic so I'll be taking a look at that as well.

One of the big decisions to make was how to handle the warlock's pact boon. The Pact of Chains and the familiar that it grants felt like a bad fit for a game where fighting is most of the actions that you'll take. I'm still not sure how or if that'll work. Pact of the Blade is a possibility but I haven't implemented it yet, so all warlocks at this stage take the Pact of the Tome.

Any feedback or bug reports for the new warlock class would be greatly appreciated - there was a fair bit of work done on them which changed some long standing features of the game so there may very well be something unstable created as a result.

* A proper endgame along with balancing dungeon generation - previously the dungeon was of an infinite depth with ever-increasing difficulty the further you went down. That was always just a placeholder though and the intention was always to make a final level with a final encounter. So I decided to cap the dungeon generation at level 20 and implement that final boss, although that encounter will develop more as time goes on. The final boss on level 20 is an adult red dragon with a CR of 17. Considering that the level cap for players is 10, even with a few henchmen, you'll need a lot of luck to stand a chance.

Because I picked an end to the dungeon's depth, it made sense to rejig the way that monster generation worked so that players saw a lot more variety as they went deeper. That's been done, but the side effect of that is that the dungeon is now a hell of a lot more dangerous. You'll start seeing tougher monsters immediately and level 1 is no longer a risk-free zone. Hopefully it makes for a much more tense and challenging experience right from the get go.

Full change list:

* Implemented arcane recovery for wizards. Created a custom menu to deal with this and allocating spell levels up to half character level divided by two but rounded up.

* Added dungeon depth cap. Fixed issues with autoexplore and a lack of a downstairs when at max dungeon depth.

* Added end game encounter with an adult red dragon.

* Increased the possible CR of spawning monsters to make the dungeon a whole lot more dangerous.

* Fixed bug where druids were not using wisdom as their casting stat.

* Added different displays for warlocks and wizard spell slots. Removed spell slot displays for non-casters.

* Added in a whole bunch of special cases to deal with the unique way that warlock spell slots work.

* Implemented hellish rebuke as a level 1 warlock spell. It works as a reaction in the rules as written but that's a bit hard to translate so I made it a condition which lasts until the player rests and triggers automatically on taking damage against whoever that attacker is.

* Implemented eldritch blast. Cantrip which can target multiple enemies as levels go up.

* Implemented pact of the tome for level 3 warlocks. Reworked spell menu so that spells were always in ascending order of level due to the quirks that this new process created.

* Added chill touch as a wizard and warlock cantrip.

* Implemented infernal legacy abilities for tieflings - can cast hellish rebuke as an ability at level 3 and darkness as an ability at level 5.


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Sep 08, 2019

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