New version with wands, rings, potions and artifact weapons and armour

After a bit of a break from development, I've been back into the swing of things and have just released a new version.

The main features of this version are picking up a bunch of small big fixes and changes that I've been making slowly over the last few weeks (while notionally not working on the game) and a big development push into expanding the categories and variety of magic items available in the game.

These now include: 

* wands of web, fireballs, lightning bolt and magic missiles; 
* dwarven plate armour;
* dragon scale armour of all kinds; 
* elven chain mail; 
* mithral armour of all kinds 
* oil of sharpness; 
* rings of poison resistance, invisibility and protection; 
* potion of giant strength (with different strengths for hill, frost, stone, fire, cloud and storm giants); 
* potion of heroism; 
* scimitar of speed.

There are two categories of magic items with common and rare having different chances of being placed in the dungeon. I still haven't finalised how items get distributed because there is new stuff being added all the time so you might find that magic items might prove too powerful and common in the current build and that'll be addressed in due course. Until then, it's probably a good chance to try things out!

One thing that I'm actively monitoring is the strength of wands - the rules say that you get 7 charges and they can recharge after a long rest. In game, this means that you might get, for instance, 7 fireballs each and every rest and this seems a bit too powerful to me. I'm thinking that I'll potentially turn off item recharging, maybe on a case by case basis because it's a poor fit for the game but I'm still undecided.

Next things on my list are to add more druid spells, add more magic items, expand on map generation, and maybe look at implementing barbarians and monks...

All feedback, bug reports or suggestions are more than welcome.


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Aug 09, 2019

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