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The Red Prison is a roguelike based on the OGL-content of the SRD for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. The Basic Rules is (largely) a stripped back version of those rules and this game takes a similar approach.

The game mostly follows those rules faithfully and they are included with the download. Development is still in its early stages and at this stage any available builds are playable but unstable.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Roguelike


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This game is really fun. I'll rate and review it after I've put a few more hours in. I just noticed there was an update today. What's new in the new update?

Hi there, I’m glad you’re having fun with the game. Today’s update was actually a very uneventful one - just some technical changes to do with how the game compiles. There’s been a few more interesting changes in past updates and better ones to come than today’s, and unfortunately it wasn’t anything exciting today!


Since "The Red Prison" is coded in Python, I should be able to run it on Linux, but the release is a bit cluttered..

I’m not sure what you mean, I don’t and never have used Linux. I’m told that it works in Wine but I don’t know much about it to be honest.

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Wine is sufficient, it's just a lot of overhead for my (rather sad) chromebook. D: I suppose you could just chalk up "Linux" as a feature request. 

What I meant by "cluttered" is all of the dll files and the libraries.zip with Python bytecode (I presume). The dll files are for Windows (obv), but I'm not sure what the zip file is for.

In any case, I'm enjoying your work, though the ASCII toggle doesn't appear to be working. =(

Found an exploit. If you knock a creature out (instead of killing it), you get XP for it. If it later wakes up, you can knock it out again and get the same XP for it again.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it up.