New version release - list of changes, new features and bug fixes

* Reversed display order of weapon name and to-hit bonus. It occurred to me that it was back to front.

* Reduced rest counter from 100 to 50.

* Started work on level 2 wizard spells - darkness, flaming sphere, hold person, invisibility, magic weapon, misty step, shatter, web.

* Started work on level 2 cleric spells - aid, lesser restoration, prayer of healing, silence, spiritual weapon, warding bond.

* Finished darkness spell. Allows caster to target a tile and darkness effect applied to that tile and every tile within 3 steps of that spot. Overrides all illumination effects and creates an artificial dark pool. Required changes to the Effect class to allow for invisibile effects and dark effects and also changes to the light calculation routuine to look for these new dark objects.

* Added changes to the general effect system. Previously it was only used for the torches seen on walls. They weren't items in the usual sense but rather an abstract effect which had the illumination tag attached. Darkness was the first effect which wasn't permanent so that meant that different issues came up with durations, effects taking turns to count down duration and finally, removal of spent effects. All these issues sorted which opens the door to a pretty useful system for things like flames, clouds, gases, caltrops, oil on the ground etc.

* Added darkness spell to all characters with the preset Human Wizard start for testing purposes. Otherwise 2nd level spells don't appear in-game yet because spellbooks are on the to-do list.

* Finished flaming sphere spell. Like for darkness, current version has it added as a spell for the preset Human Wizard for testing purposes. Creates an immobile object on the map with the illumination property. Added a special case for the Effect class take_turn function which searches for all creates adjacent. They make a saving throw against the caster's spell power (saved in the flaming sphere object as a special varialbe). On a successful save, they take 1d6 damage. On a failed save, they take 2d6 damage. Fire immune creates are not affected.


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Feb 16, 2019

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