New version release - new display modes, AI changes and more

* Finished tile mode.

* Reimplemented ascii mode as an option to toggle between with '`'.

* Changed key code for ascii to F1 because I was having some problems on different systems. Experimented with a few different view options but opted against changing things for now.

* Fixed typo in message for talking to non-talking creatures.

* Changed tile for veteran into something a bit more menacing. 

* Changed ascii map view to 16x16 font for more readability and played around with a few different font options.

* Tidied up references to colours which existed in libtcod but not understood by BLT.

* Fixed functions with targetting and different display systems so everything should be working now and look relatively neat. 

* Added extra small ascii display mode, because I saw that Incursion did this with 8x8 font. Changed the terminal 8x8 font being used to the Incursion 8x8 font, which was very similar anyway. 

* Fixed bug with displaying walls in line of sight but not visible in ascii modes. They were being drawn in black and not a shade of grey.

* Wizards now start with a choice of 6 level 1 spells. Considering that there is only 7 options, there isn't all that much choice at this stage. Human Wizard templates gets them all apart from thunderwave.

* Wizards get two spells of a level which they can cast on levelup.

* Changed player starting XP to 0 - this seems good enough when you have a party to keep you alive and level 1 monsters are not very threatening. 

* Updated acid splash to show area of effect. Updated number of wizard spells to show projectile path.

* Added new AI type for magic using companions. Made this AI be allocated at NPC generation and when converted during the game if they have the 'magic' proficiency. Allocated that proficiency to all potential NPC types so that spell slots are allocated accordingly. Added artifical levels to these NCP's so they'll have the appropriate spell slots.

* Added ability for companions to use shocking grasp or inflict wounds when in melee range. This triggers 30% of the time currently if the spells are available.

* Added ability for companions to use fire bolt and sacred flame when at range. This triggers 30% of the time if spells are available.

* Added ability for companions to use cure wounds if near an ally at 25% health or less during combat. Outside of combat, will look for an ally in that injured and state and walk to them and cast heal. 


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Mar 08, 2019

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