The Red Prison is now open source with new monster mobs, magic-using enemies and more!

* Fixed XP distribution. Now only happens on monster death, not KO. This should avoid scenarios where player can exploit KO'ing NPC's for free XP.

* Fixed bug where player would not be drawn as being red when dead and waiting for new game. Used a special variable in the unconscious condition to track which monster was the attacker for XP purposes if death follows. Changed around the order of a few things because with XP being awarded only at the last minute, some features of dead monsters needed to be tracked longer.

* Added more information for magic missile spell to make sure it's clear that you can select multiple targets.

* Started work on mob generation. Basically the plan is to pick a few iconic and fun monster types and make them generate in groups. One is picked as the leader and the rest have the companion AI much like player companions. Currently there is a 1-in-10 chance of generating a mob in a vault rather than the usual monster generation routine. Special factions created for mobs named after their monster name which means that they'll be friendly to each other but hostile to the rest of the dungeon. The idea is to progress from here to giving certain mob members templates to mix things up a bit - orcs might become shamans, kobolds might become mages, and gnolls might become thugs. 

* Removed ability for mob companions to talk because it was annoying. Removed ability for mob companions to revive because it slowed down the AI checking. Moved around part of companion AI to try and fix bottleneck impacting on game speed.

* AI companion pathfinding was too inhibitive for bigger mobs, so introduced an AI constant of path_finding_chance. Player allies always use pathfinding but monsters only use it 20% of the time.

* Added orc mobs (made up of 3 to 5 regular orcs for now) and undead mobs (made up of 3 to 5 undead out of skeletons, ghouls and zombies).

* For some reason my AI changes have broken pathfinding and I can't figure out why so reverting to old versions from a couple of days ago.

* Fixed rare out of bounds bug in basic monster AI.

* Turned pathfinding altogher for monster mobs because of the bottleneck that it creates. This might result in a few monster being separated from the rest of the pack but that's not the end of the world.

* Added bandit mobs led by a bandit captain.

* Fixed bug with shield proficiency not being displayed properly.

* Made names of corpses appear red in the list of objects within sight for clarity.

* Created templates for orc and kobold mages and shamans. 10% chance of each monster as part of those mobs being given these templates. Spells and magic proficiency given to each one along with special magic user AI.

* Tweaked moving routines to try and make things cleaner.


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Mar 22, 2019

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