New magic weapons - flaming and frost

New version released with more magic items along with bug fixes and the foundations for even more varied magic to find!

* Added flaming effect for enchanted weapons. Also adds a separate illumination so the item functions as an always-lit torch whether in the player's inventory or on the ground.

* Made it so that illuminated items in inventory must be equipped to cast light.

* Added ability for conditions to apply extra damage when they are used to hit which is necessary to give effect to flaming (and other conditions). Created generic function to apply different damage types if target is still alive after primary damage is applied.

* Finished flaming weapons - illumination on being equipped and 2d6 extra fire damage on successful hit. Should work for ranged, thrown and melee weapons.

* Finished frost weapons - 1d6 extra cold damage on successful hit.

* Added extra check into condition effect processing to take into account immunities.

* Added colour over ride variable for items with special conditions so that they show up clearly on the GUI so that players don't miss them.


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Apr 05, 2019

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