The Red Prison now has magic and other animations

* Added info screen to display player's traits and proficiencies by pressing '@'. It still needs to be crossreferenced to the game docs but at least players can see what weapons etc they can use at a glance.

* Added graphical tile to spiritual weapon.

* Added red heart icon to top right corner of ally's graphical tile.

* Updated area of effect animation for bearlibterminal. Allows for a transition between two colours with increasing and decreasing alpha values with 3 random characters to be displayed.

* Rewrote explosion effect animation for bearlibterminal. 

* Rewrote ray effect animation for bearlibterminal.

* Implemented new bolt effect animation. Draws a line between caster and target and draws a projectile with a fading trail behind it.

* Implemented projecile effect animation. Draws a '*' along the path of the projectile so the player knows what's going on in combat with ranged attacks.

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