New version with new spells, animations and updated graphics

New version up:

Major changes are the inclusion of level 3 wizard spells fireball and lightning bolt, the introduction of a character level cap of 10 to reduce the scope of the game to something more feasible for now, and the reworking of composition of various graphical tiles so that objects can be stacked on screen as well as a few other better looking effects.

Full change log:

* Implemented fireball spell. 3rd level wizard spell with radius of 3 squares, dexterity check for all targets in that radius with 8d6 damage on failed save and halved for successful save.

* Updated spellcaster AI so that mage companions can use the fireball spells if they are far enough away to be safe and no allies will get caught in the blast.

* Fixed bug where enemy archers projectiles weren't being animated.

* Fixed bug where actors out of sight would overwrite door squares.

* Added a 1 in 3 chance of kobolds, orcs and bandits in mobs to have a lit torch.

* Increased chance of spellcasters using shocking grasp and inflict wounds in combat to 50% per turn.

* Fixed bug where AI spellcasters weren't properly using spell slots.

* Fixed issued in compiled version where second console window opened for no reason.

* Added level cap of 10 so that focus can be put on those class features under the cap.

* Implemented lightning bolt spell - 3rd level wizard spell with a ray sent from caster, dexterity check for all targets in the way with 8d6 damage on failed save and halved for successful save. Still not finished because it needs to keep going until it hits a wall and this currently doesn't happen.

* Added transparency to custom tiles. Changed actors to be printed on another level to background and to effects so that they can be visually merged properly for a better graphical effect. Made a whole host of changes behind the scenes to do with different layers - now background is layer 0, actors, items and effects are layer 1, special effects are layer 2, and menus are layer 3. Items now stack on ground (!!!).

* Fixed bug in character creation where menus for high elf cantrip selection didn't clear properly.

* Fixed bug where last spell caused a crash when you hadn't cast anything yet.


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May 03, 2019

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