New monsters, map segments, improved graphics and user interface

New version released and here's the full change list:

* Fixed problem with combining various enchantment names by adding a name_tail variable for '+1' and the like to go along with name_prefix and name_suffix.

* Added new monsters: plesiosaurus, poisonous snake, polar bear, pony, pteranodon, quipper, rat, raven, reef shark, riding horse, saber-toothed tiger.

* Fixed bug with misnamed hawk as blood hawk. 

* Added change so that when trying to cast spells or do ranged attacks, if the attack or spell doesn't eventuatuate because out of ammo or spells slots etc, no turn is taken.

* Added number of new dungeon vaults with emphasis on wide corridors to enhance party play.

* Added feature to autoexplore so it finishes on the downstairs.

* Resized native tile size from 16x16 to 24x24. Previously I had every tile at 16x16 for some forgotten reason during development and sized these up or down as needed as I used them. This process through the bearlibterminal library had the effect of smoothing out the images as they were upsized which always left me feeling that they looked a bit blurry. Now that effect is removed on a trial basis to see if it feels clearer.


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Jun 13, 2019

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