Reach weapons, all new encounter system and other changes

Some pretty significant changes took place this week:

Made reach weapons work. This was something which didn't really occur to me as being a core part of the game but it's something that a few players have gone looking for almost immediately so it needed to get done.

They work via the ranged combat menus by pressing 'f' or 'F' with a limited range. You can select a target within range manually or just use 'F' to auto-target within range. It works alongside thrown weapons as well so that if you're at range, those commands will throw at the target and if you're closer then they will default to a ranged melee attack.

Reworked entire encounter and monster generation system. Single monsters are still generated depending on dungeon level and CR of the individual monster.

Mob generation was reworked from scratch with new classes for Encounters and Monsters within that encounter so that special types can be defined and mobs can be specified easily with combinations of monsters along with spell users and ranged fighters. It should prove to be easily extensible in terms of special features and new mobs.

Full change list (apart from the above):

  • Updated menu options for ranged/reach attacks.
  • Updated display to show when wielding a reach weapon.
  • Redid the following mobs in the new system: bandits with captain; mix of low level undead; kobolds with mages, shamans and slingers; orcs with mages, shamans and chuckers.
  • Created new mob types: lizardfolk with a large number of weak lizards; single ogre with goblin followers; solo ogre mage.
  • Turned off seperate factions being generated for different mobs of monsters to experiment with no in-fighting.
  • Added extra customisation of monster types in mobs. Now individual stats can be specified along with character level so that casting levels can be simulated. Applied upgraded stats to all spellcasters already implemented.
  • Fixed bug where doors could appear on the outer boundary which let the player walk out of bounds.
  • Doubled food ration spawn rate.
  • Fixed issue where fighter's second wind ability took a turn when it should be a bonus action.
  • Added two different starting kits for fighters. If strength is higher or equal to dexterity, you start with one of longsword, battleaxe and spear and ring mail. If dexterity is higher, you start with one of scimitar, shortsword or whip and leather armour.


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Jun 22, 2019

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